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A Journey To Green Island

It was cool and dark the air was heavy and thick; one foot led the other to a count of 76,With every ounce of love, I shaped the earth a path.

Air passed across my face chilling the tears that pooled with in my eyes. Tears roll silently and my throat tightens, 76 seconds of pondering our lives.

Chills spread from head to toe as memories floated amidst my mind, 76 imprints that represented my life. Slowed down to a crawl, memories so crisp, transcending in time with each and every step.

The days grew longer and the memories grew stronger as I watched you slip away .76 seconds of hoping, you would make it another day.

-Anna Jean Lang Holmes
Through My Eyes and In My Heart
James Burton Lang
Dedicated in loving memory of my Father

James Burton Lang, 61 Died Friday, February 23, 2007 in Manning Sc Born February 5, 1946, in Akron, Ohio, he was a son of the late William C. and Helen Jean Osborne Lang. He attained a bachelor’s degree in economics from N. C. State University and continued his education at the University of Akron.

He was the former director of Mental Health in North Carolina until 1979, and retired as director of Public Relations and Marketing for Boy’s Village in Wooster, Ohio.

He was a former Eagle Scout, and was a master gardener through the Clemson Extension in Clarendon County, and wrote gardening articles for The Manning Times.

Surviving are two daughters, Anna Jean Lang Holmes of Manning .Virginia Elizabeth Lang of Lititz, Penn. a sister, Jennifer Otterson of St. Petersburg, Fla.; a brother, Robert Lang of Cincinnati, Ohio. And five grandchildren, Ricky, Erica, James and Rebecca Holmes and Keegen Dzurko.

A memorial service was held in Manning on lake Marion at sunset during a lunar eclipse.