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Marrianne Redwine Lang Hanson
Dearly Departed

Trembling with fear
Scared at heart
I feel to my knees
When I heard she passed on.

“She left us today “

Were the words that I heard
It was unbelievable to me
That my mother was gone

Confused and discouraged
At life’s cruel path
Yet relived and peaceful
That her suffering had past.

I fought with depression
Until I set her free
With my very own hands
Into the sea.

Hands covered with her dust
Lay across my chest
Then wiped on my soul
Her memory forever caressed

-Anna Jean Lang Holmes
Through My Eyes and In My Heart
Temporary Resurrection

Instantly she appeared before me
so tall and thin
her skin pale and soft
lightly dusted with freckles from the southern sun.

Her eyes sparkled as I eagerly ran towards her
She met me half way with poise and grace
A smile stretched across her face
She knelt to her knees
with a warm embrace.

Together we walked again
As the Atlantic surf tickled our toes
Echoes of beach music
Floated in the wind
Hoots and hollers from the bingo parlor
Bounced across the waves.

Her arms held me tight
As we gently swayed back and forth on the Ferris wheel
On top of the world
Together we sat
Peering down on others
That looked like ants.

In shades of black and white
Her image flickers on the wall
silently I sit
Tears begin to flow.

Then click click click …
Light on , That’s the end !

I wait for the next film to roll…

-Anna Jean Lang Holmes
Through My Eyes and In My Heart