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Love can fade over time , trust can disappear in an instant. But the feeling you get when you look at a piece of artwork and know that it is done, can never be taken away.

The art may get sold , lost , stolen or damaged. But that doesn’t matter. After the point of creation the art has all ready given you, the artist, everything you needed from it !

-Anna Jean Lang Holmes
Through My Eyes and In My Heart
Artist Biography
Anna Jean Lang Holmes
Multimedia Artist
Charity Involvement

Get Weldon Going
Financial donation towards the
Weldon Auditorium renovation project

2007 , 2008 & 2009 -
Pig Tales BBQ Festival
Harvin Clarendon County Library
Art donation towards fundraising

Weldon Ghostlight Tour Fundraiser
Art Show Director

Santee Riverkeepers Rally
Art donation towards fundraising

Weldon Auditorium
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"Hit the Pavement" Walk to End Domestic Violence
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Artist Statement

I try not to limit myself to only one form of art.For my soul knows not the limits set by others.

If my mind has the ability to imagine it, Then my hands have the power to bring it to life.


Acrylic, oil & sumi ink painting
Wood, stone & plaster carving in relief
Polymer & stoneware clay sculpting
Wall & Window Murals
Tile & stone mosaics
Block & screen printing
Carved & Painted Furniture
Graphics & digital art
Re-purposed & assembly art


Anna Jean Lang Holmes
Multimedia Artist
Art2bseen (at)
Manning , South Carolina USA


The Art2bseen Holiday Art Festival
Art show & sale charity fundraiser to purchase infant car seats
Founder & Organizer
Held at F E Dubose Career Center
Manning SC

The Art2bseen Holiday Art Festival
Art show & sale charity fundraiser to purchase Christmas gifts for local children
Founder & Organizer
Held at Wyboo , Manning SC


I 'm always nervous when it comes time to enter a show,my stomach knots up, and I question my talent left and right.

Having no formal training as an artist, I often feel like an outsider or like a fish out of water. But I love what I do and the few awkward moments are worth it, when I'm lucky enough to win.

I believe ones life should not be judged by levels of formal education. But measured by a persons true level of intellect, creativity and the ability to set and achieve goals.

Unforgotten Memories
Wood burned Mural
On An English Pub Dining table
Placed 18th of 480 entries
North Carolina New Artist Show
Clownfish Follies
Carving in relief
1st place award winner
Name of the game
Wood burned Mural
On a Lane Coffee table
1st place award winner
Looking West
Decorative oil painting on wood panel
2nd place award winner
Thanks To The Old North State
Computer graphic
placed 4th in the
North Carolina State
Cyberspace Competition
Song Of The Sparrows
Carving in relief
on a maple drop leaf table
1st place award winner
Stormy Sea
Painting on plaster
1st place award winner
Solid As A Rock
Carved & painted Marble
2nd place award winner
Flowers Of Stone
Mosaic design
1st place award winner
Stark County Artist Exhibition
Our World
Carving in relief
Honorable Mention