It's All Relative
Marrianne Redwine Lang Hanson
In loving memory of my mother
William C. Lang
In loving memory of my grandfather
James Burton Lang
In loving memory of my father
I believe that each person who has ever walked this earth lives on after death. Wither it be a  heavenly place somewhere that the living has never seen or within their loved ones here on earth or even with in those yet to be born.

Everything I am and everything I shall be is related to those I have loved whole hardheartedly.

-Anna Jean Lang Holmes
Through My Eyes and In My Heart
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Through My Eyes and In My Heart
a creative mixture of poetry,art & everyday life
By: Anna Jean Lang Holmes

I started writing in 8th grade , my interest peaked by a school assignment that I failed with flying colors. The grade held little to no importance to me , I was pleased with what I had said. More so I loved how it made me feel . The ability to communicate without the pressures of having to speak, had me hooked from the get go.

I have never kept a diary or journal , as a creative , I have never been that disciplined.Instead. I jotted down my thoughts and feeling in forms of poem like writings on what ever was handy. After my mother died I gathered all my scraps of paper up and started to organize them. As I sat there with papers organized into piles based on life events, I saw my life unfold .It was then I realized, I had been writing a book in random spurts.

The book is an ongoing process,I have never been in a rush to complete it.However in recent years I have worked on it's structure, it's contents and chapters.It clearly has a beginning and an end now.I would like to have it completed in 2018. Through out my websites you will find excerpts of the book in relevant areas.

You can read complete writings from my book in my Blog : Words By AJLH which can be found on My Tumblr and also on my Art2bseen Fb Page in the Notes section.
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